Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

I was able to go home for Christmas on the 24th and it was so nice to be there.We had lots going on and never a dull moment! Sorry in advance that the pictures are not the best. I forgot my camera and was stuck using my phone. I guess I should be glad that I can have that option!

The breath taking view from my parents sun room.

Elijah putting together a digger he was really good!

Denise reading Ivy her new book she really liked it!

Ivy wasn't so sure about me since we dont live close. She got warmed up
as the time went by.

Phil and Stacie always looking cute for pictures.

Maya showing off her new Christmas dress that twirls!

Such a cute picture of Lisa who just met Ivy for the first time.
Good thing theres a mama standing by to make her smile so cute!

Elijah told me he wanted to draw a picture of me I thought it
was so cute!

I was trying to get a picture of Anya and her cute curls. She
has such a sweet personality.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shawna part 1

This is my cousin and one of my best friends Shawna. We grew up together along with another cousin Audrey. We were all 6 months apart and couldn't be separated. Even after she got married we stayed close. She understood me when others didn't and never gave up on me. After having her first baby she became really sick and they found out she had lupus. This was really hard for her and she tried to stay positive. The doctors told her not to have anymore children but she wouldn't listen. She came from a large family and always wanted lots of kids. She had a girl and things went really well so she thought maybe the doctors were wrong. After her daughter was 2 or 3 they tried again to have another one but with no luck. Her lupus continued to zap all her energy and some days she couldn't make it out of bed. She was in Chicago so I thought it would be nice to go help her. I went for a couple of visits and spent most of my time cooking and cleaning and doing laundry. I know she appreciated it and I felt good that I could help out. About 5 years after her daughter was born a cute little boy arrived for them 2 months early. It nearly killed her and he suffered for a long time in the intensive care. She had to drive 2 hours to go see him each time and it sure took a toll on the family. She wasn't going to let him be alone she had faith he would come home. Finally almost a month and a half later she was able to bring him home. She tried to be the best mom she could always supporting her kids. I arranged for a get together with Audrey and her family and Shawna's family to meet in Nauvoo 3 years ago. We had such a great time camping and visiting the sites of Nauvoo and surrounding areas. Its a memory I will hold close forever. We were able to do a session in the Nauvoo temple and the memories of being there will never be forgotten. About 2 years ago our lives were turned upside down when Shawna became really sick. She went in for testing and they found a mass on one of her lungs. When they studied it closer they found it to be cancer so they decided to take it off. After they did this she had to go through chemo and she became really sick.She had to double her doses because of the weakend state of her body from the lupus. After doing all of this she was still sick and kept telling me how dizzy she was. The doctors told her it was probably a side effect from the chemo that she would have to live with. She didn't want to accept it but kept hoping for a different answer. A couple weeks later her head really started to hurt so she went into the ER and they found a tumor on her brain and 2 in her spine. She decided to go ahead and have the one on the front of her brain removed and it cleared her dizziness right up. The ones on her spine started giving her problems so she decided it was best to get the main one out. It was very painful and risky since any false move and she would be paralyzed.At the same point her throat started to close off so they put a stint in there to hold it open to breathe. It was a success and we were hoping this would start helping her feel better. She did start to feel really good for about a month and then she started to have that same pain in her head again. After going back to the doctor they found she had another tumor that would have to be removed. We were all so crushed about this we knew her body couldn't hold out forever with this kind of treatment. Her wonderful in laws had moved out to Chicago to see if they could help and ended up staying for 2 months.
At the beginning of December she had the surgery and it was a success in fact they were really impressed how well she was doing. She was able to come home 2 days after and sleep in her own bed. On Sunday the 5th I got a phone call telling me Shawna had passed away in the night. Her husband later on told me that she had went to bed fine and in the night started coughing up blood. He called 911 but before they could get there she layed back down on the pillow told him she loved him and died. They think the stint in her throat became dislodged and cut off her breathing. I will finish the rest on the next post.

Monday, December 13, 2010

I promise I haven't disappeared I am still here! With having a broken computer it makes it hard to do posts. I have had a lot on my plate lately and I plan to blog about it soon. I just need to find the right pictures. Thanks for being patient and keep checking back with me:)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shawna part 2

I have had a really hard time dealing with her death. Its hard to imagine she is gone and I cant talk to her anymore. No more advice or crying or laughing or vacations with her. That's a hard thing to swallow but I am so grateful for the gospel in my life that makes it easier to move on. I didn't think I would be able to go to the funeral and that really made me sad. A day after I found out the news my roommate told me she was going to buy me a ticket to go. I couldn't believe she would do such a nice thing. It was so sweet of her and I knew she didn't have the money to do it. My cousin Audrey also called me and asked if I was going to go. I wasn't really sure but she said I think its important that we both go so if you need any help please let me help you. I was so overwhelmed by the love shown toward me. I flew out and was able to be there for the viewing that night. It was really nice and one of her brother's had put together a slide show that had so many pictures of us together. It was hard to see how much her siblings were hurting. When I got up to her parents they just cried and cried and my heart broke for them. I hugged her husband and he held it together so well. He was comforting me more then I was him and I thought how sweet and typical that he would do that. My heart broke the most for her kids. The oldest who is 13 now didn't cry at all the 10 year old was really upset and the 5 year old didn't really grasp the idea. I know its going to be a long road for them. The funeral was really beautiful and I was so glad to have my cousin Audrey to sit next to me the whole time. Her sister Emily shared a list of 101 things I know that Shawna had written. I am going to make it my goal this year to come up with my own list. Hers was so beautifully written and I know that she was prepared to die. Its not going to be very easy to have her gone but I know she is at peace and waiting for us.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Veterans Day

I work at a retirement home as a cook and for the most part I love my job! Maybe its the fact that I love older people. There is a lot of pressure to make things that they will like. There are always those who give me the I would have never made that food like that lecture! I just smile and nod and say well at least you have someone cooking for you:)The first picture is my favorite resident Winnie and yes that is her name! Maybe because Winnie the Pooh is my favorite I dont know. Her grand kids actually call her grandma Pooh which I think is adorable. Anyway the other pictures are from our Veterans day social. They made a big deal out of veterans that live there. I thought it was great to honor them. The activities director made a poster with all of them on there and where they served. We sang patriotic songs and had punch and cookies. I took a couple of pictures of some of them. The man by himself rarely smiles so the fact I could get him to hold his flag and get him to smile made my day! Also the 3 people that are together wouldn't stop singing to smile so I just took the picture anyway:) Sorry the pictures are not very good I used my phone.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving and this and that

Sorry I have been missing in action! My sister Lisa came down from Seattle this last weekend for our Thanksgiving. I made a full meal except I only cooked a turkey breast. I thought it turned out good and I had 2 firsts. I made rolls that actually tasted good and didn't weigh 12 pounds! I also made the best pumpkin pie that I have ever made! Do you think I took a picture?! Um nope I was too busy starring at it in all its glory:) My sister and I also decided that the cranberry needed to have a bit more to it besides open the can and dump! So I threw it in a sauce pan and added orange juice, cinnamon and a little sugar. It was really amazing how just those few things made it taste so good. We ate and played games and did a puzzle and talked and relaxed. It couldn't have been a more perfect weekend until Sunday. My sister and I were looking at a Christmas gift we wanted to get my mom and my computer died. Not just lost all power died like cant find the hard drive died! I was so devastated and still am. I don't want to think about the things I have lost on there. I will just think of things that were copied on to other disc's. I am really hoping for a miracle but I don't know. So for now my roommate has been nice enough to let me use her computer here and there. I have a very busy month ahead with lots of projects so hopefully I will blog about them. If I dont happen to look at your blog for awhile its because I lost your address with the computer not because I dont love you!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The rest of the thankful posts!

Since I am going to be working a lot more and my sister is coming for Thanksgiving I am going to finish out the rest of my thankful posts. I have really enjoyed thinking about the many things I am thankful for. I hope you have enjoyed reading them. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for the snow and the magic it brings

I am thankful for a great roommate who puts up with all my projects and is
never complaining about helping me.

I am thankful for 2 large boxes of Thanksgiving stuff left on our doorstep. Dont worry I am going to be giving it to some people that I know need it!

I am thankful that in a month from today I am going to be flying home for Christmas!

I am thankful for Christmas trees for there beauty and there amazing aroma!

I am thankful for a dishwasher that works!

I am thankful for the chance to see my sister and her love and example to me.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am thankful for the many people that have influenced my life for good.

I am thankful for a car that runs.

I am thankful for a church house to go to and its only 8 blocks away!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I am thankful that my mom took the time to teach me how to do canning.

I am thankful for my nieces and nephews that keep me laughing.

I am thankful for the upcoming Christmas season and for the fun it brings.

I am thankful for a nice warm house to live in.

Monday, November 15, 2010

I haven't been keeping up with this very well but I will try harder! I am posting for the last 3 days I missed and for today.

I am thankful to be a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latterday saints!

I am thankful for people that help me when I dont ask for it.

I am thankful to have a nice warm bed to sleep in.

I am thankful that I love to cook and I am not bad at it:)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I am thankful for...

*Friends who keep me laughing and are there to boost me when I am feeling low.

*my grandparents for all the memories I have with them and their constant love and example.

*For those who are serving in the war and those who have died for our freedom. For my own grandpa's who served so faithfully and saw things that changed their lives.

Monday, November 8, 2010

I am thankful for...

I am so thankful for the rain and this beautiful state
that has so much of it! It makes everything so green and pretty.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I am thankful for...

My friend is doing a thankful blog and I thought I would join in to finish off the month. I did one last year and I loved thinking about things I am thankful for each day. So since its already the 7th of the month I will list 7 things I am thankful for. Everyone should do this its great to be thankful.

*I am grateful for good parents who have always been such a great example to me!

* I am thankful for my siblings who make me laugh when I am down and are always there for me.

* I am thankful for the gospel and to have that peace that comes from knowing I belong to the only true church.

* I am grateful for my job

* I am thankful for the fall and the beautiful trees in vibrant colors.

* I am thankful for my ward family who love and accept me for who I am.

* I am grateful for the season of giving.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Phil!

Today is my brother Phil's birthday. He is such a great brother and has been such a good example to me. He hasn't had the easiest life being my dad's right hand man with everything. He never complained when my dad had project after project for him. He stuck right by his side and completed every task. He is a very spiritual person and loves to be at church. He is always trying to do what is right and when he doesn't he is really hard on himself.He is good in the house doing chores and after meals jumping up to do dishes and help with clean up. I love that about him and hope I find someone just like him someday. I love his sense of humor and the way he can memorize movie quotes. I love that he loves to play games and hang out with me. He is so good with watching the nieces and nephew and I know they look up to him. He got married this year to such a great girl. I know they were meant for each other. I hope he has a long happy life because he truly deserves the best! Happy Birthday Phil I love you!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I cant believe its already the end of October! Where did the month fly by to? Last night I was in charge of a Halloween party at our church. It started out with just being our ward. Then we decided to include 2 other wards and can you say crazy! We had each of the primary presidents and the activity chairs as a commitee. We played carnival games had spooky treats and a krispy treat walk. Then on top of all that decided to do trunker treat! What were we thinking?! Well we ended up having around 450 people show up and the building was bursting at the seams! Its a good thing we meet in the stake center. I thought it went over well and you could say it was a huge success and failure. We just needed more people in charge and to invite less wards. Oh well you live and learn and at least all I have heard is how much fun the kids had. Isn't that the main thing?:)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Disneyland part 1

We are on the Toy Story mania ride so much fun!

They have California spelled out so we went and stood by our first letter

This is Mater and lightening Macqueen they were in a parade and they
are making a huge ride themed from the movie Cars opening in 2012.

I am standing in front just before you go in. Everything
is Halloween themed and so cute!

I thought these caramel apples were adorable!

They have this giant Mickey Jack o lantern right after
going into Disneyland. There was always a line to get
a picture. Trish got a great picture right when the park opened!

Here is Trish and Minnie in one of her many outfits

This was so cool to look at at night. They had this ferris
wheel and the Mickey head changed different colors. They also had
a show called world of color in front of it. Stay tuned for more of

They had all these different pumpkins carved out of different
characters. It was too dark to get the pumpkin part so it looks
like a floating head!

Mr. Potato head in front of the Toy Story Mania ride. He is hilarious
if you have time to sit and listen to him. Which you do waiting to get
on that ride! Its so amazing what they can do with computers now days.

Here is the castle at night and you can see the different pumpkins
at Walt Disney's feet. They were so cute when they were all lit up.

I am back from the happiest place on earth! I had a great trip to Disneyland even with the rain and tons of people the first day. I am so glad I never go there on weekends. We went over when we flew in on Sunday and man it was a mad house. We could barely move around with all the people. The next few days were so much better and hardly any people came. I think alot of that has to do with the rainy weather. I had checked the weather a week before we went and there was no rain in the forecast. Well next thing we know its overcast everyday and even rained pretty good the first full day we went. That didn't stop us we braved it and had lots of fun. We saw new and old things and did alot of people watching:) I think overall it was a great time and I cant wait to go back. Did I mention my roommate LOVES to take pictures and videos? Well on this trip alone she took over 500 pictures! Ya thats what I said holy cow! I think I might have taken 50 but I am always glad she takes so many so I can see all the cool shots. So this is just a very small beginning to the masses I have. I might have to do a slide show with the rest so your not bored. I hope you enjoy looking at them:)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I love Fall!

I love this time of year so much! I love the beautiful colors and cool air. I love looking at farms filled with pumpkins and corn mazes. I love hiking and stepping on crunchy leaves. I am really looking forward to going on vacation this weekend! I love fall at Disneyland! I love all their fun decorations and the atmosphere. Its just a fun place all around. I will post more about that later....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Surprise Visit

My sister Lisa and my roommate Trish put their heads together and surprised me with a visit from Lisa! I was so excited when I was just sitting around on a Friday night and in walks Lisa. Even though we are only 4 hours away we just dont get to see each other as much as we would like. We had a great time going to a favorite restaurant of mine and playing the Wii:)Trish had to work the next day so Lisa and I went to this museum that I have wanted to go to for awhile. They are building a carousel downtown and right now are carving all the animals. Its a lot of work and we watched a few of them carve. Then they have a room where they are painting them all. We thought the room looked like a homemaking night at our church:) There were all these ladies just chatting away while they painted. My pictures didn't turn out the best they were kind of blurry but hopefully you get the idea. After the museum we went to the next town and watched toy story 3 in 3D it was awesome! We played games and laughed and talked just the therapy I need. Trish and I had planned to go to a fireside that night in Eugene where Brother Bednar and 2 members of the 70 were speaking. We all went and were so glad we did it was awesome. Instead of giving talks they did a Q&A session. People raised their hands and asked a question and they would answer it. It was a great night full of the spirit. The next day was church and then lunch and the next thing we knew it was time for her to go:( It always goes by so fast but I am so lucky to have such great sisters! I cant wait to see her at Thanksgiving:)We took a cute picture together minus my double chin but I am wearing an apron my mom made for me for my birthday:)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My blog is crazy

My blog has been doing weird things so I dont know if anyone has even been able to view it. I went private and put in all the email address's then had some that couldn't view it. So I went back to an open blog and still have some that cant seem to view it either. Oh well its really my journal anyway and I am the most interested in what I have to say right! I cant believe fall is here and October is this week! I have really enjoyed watching the changes. I love eating apples and everything pumpkin! I also start getting this cooking bug and want to be baking all the time. I am missing my family a lot these days. Sometimes I wish I lived closer and could see them more often. Then I think of the friends I have made here and get sad too. Life is full of ups and downs we just have to have joy in the journey! I have the cutest new niece I have to show her off. Her mama made her this adorable outfit and then took her picture. Isn't she sweet! If she doesn't make you want to smile no one will!

Monday, September 20, 2010

this and that

I haven't blogged for awhile so I thought I would just let you know I am still here! I have been really busy working quite a bit. Nothing really exciting happening in my life except my sister Lisa's visit! I am still trying to get my phone to down load the pictures then I will blog about it. I am loving the fall weather its so nice! I love it when the leaves start changing color and when football season is here. Its just a great time of year! I have been thinking a lot lately just how blessed I am and how many things I have to be thankful for. Maybe its because fall is here and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. That always makes me reflect on my blessings. It could be because of the stories I hear about those less fortunate. There is a lady in my ward who was homeless most of her life and she has just got back on her feet. She just started getting interested in the church and she is so full of faith. She doesn't have hardly anything but she always says how good god is. I think its quite something for her to have such faith that he will help her. I need to be more like her. I am getting so excited to listen to general conference coming up. I just really enjoy the talks and music and it lifts me so much. I hope everyone is doing well and I promise to have something more interesting to say on my next post!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grandpa Keith

This is my grandpa Keith he is an amazing man to me. Today is his birthday so I thought I would write a little bit about him. He married my grandma in 1980 and even though he wasn't my original grandpa I cant think of a better man. He fits so well into the family and has the biggest heart. He has always done things for others and put their needs first. My grandparents have served 5 missions for the church! They are truly an example to me. My grandpa battled prostate cancer quite a few years ago and for some unknown reason it came back. He has battled with it the last 2 years and it has really done some damage to him. He had to go through chemo and endure being really sick. I am so proud of him and the way he was able to stick with it. I know his days are few but I am so glad to have him in my life. Happy Birthday!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where I am from

I am from a home with homemade play dough and playing school. I am from hours in a big sandbox and weeding the garden.

I am from helping cook and long summer nights playing night games like stranger or no bears.

I am from braces on my teeth, glasses on my face and endless pigtails. I am from 2 sisters and 2 brothers who love me and have shared many memories.

I am from the mom that is an amazing cook and seamstress. I am from the dad that taught me how to work hard and enjoy the blessings of doing so.

I am from the fun summers of playing at my grandparents in the irrigation water and eating eskimo pies in the gazebo. I am from the years of family camp outs and fun vacations.

I am from going to the girls home every summer and hiking to willard peak. I am from many aunts and uncles who share love and concern for me.

I am from homemade spudnuts and Lawrence Welk with grandma Ida and butterscotch candies and feeding cows cucumbers with grandpa Ben.

I am from orange soda pop and candy to milkshakes and cow auctions with grandpa Glen.

I am from crafts and UEA's and lemon custard with grandma Joyce. Spending time laughing with 2 close cousins and visiting great grandma in the nursing home.

I am from a bee keeper with a big heart that plays the harmonica and sings so sweetly. From a man suffering everyday to keep going from the cancer that infects him.

I am from hiking the mountain and cutting down Christmas trees to homemade Halloween costumes that take first place!

I am from many backyards of playing colored eggs,tag and jumping on the trampoline. From going to the country store and buying penny candies

I am from an amazing home ward where my dad was respected as bishop and where I sang in a great choir of angels.
I am from hours of playing in the marching band and finding the values I hold dear this day.
I am from many lessons piano, tennis, bowling, choirs ,swimming that have taught me skills I need.

I am from old journals kept by my parents and endless picture albums. To completed baby books and journal jars.

I am from many memories but these are the ones I share with you. I am from hard work and the present as I continue on life's journey.

I am the American dream from broken despair and gained hope
I am the present, past, and future history in the making.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


And the winner of the giveaway is.....Amy! Congrats!If you will please send me your address I will put your prize in the mail:) Thanks for all the comments!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday. He is such a great guy and has always been such a great example. I am so grateful he is in my life and for the many things he has taught me through the years. He is such a hard worker never quits till the sun goes down. I found this poem that is a lot like him. Happy Birthday Dad I love you!

Without delay he's up each day
before the crack of dawn.
After breakfast, a kiss from his wife,
he yawns and pulls his work boots on.

Out the door he stands with pause
to smile at the gold-blue sky.
The rooster crows and the man steps off
with purpose in his stride.

There's livestock to feed and fences to mend,
till the soil and plant some seed.
His list of chores has no end
for there's always some kind of need.

The man looks around at his open land
proud of the work that has been done
Knowing the hard work and blisters on his hands
Was worth the sweat and tears

The sun has set and he's earned the right
to relax on his old back porch.
He shuts his eyes and breaths in the night
praying tomorrow he'll rise once more.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hot air balloon Festival

Last year Trish and I discovered this air balloon festival and it was cool. We didn't really find out about it until it was on the last day. This year we decided to go and see what it was all about on all 3 days! I think the night glow on Friday was one of my favorite. They had 6 out of the 40 balloons there and had them do the wave and popcorn. I loved it when they did popcorn because it really did sound like popcorn popping. They would turn the flame on and off really fast and it made it sound like they were popping popcorn. There was an amazing sunset I have never seen the sky so pink! Then on Saturday I was in charge of a church carnival so we didn't make it over there till that night. It was really neat though because as I was setting up outside at the pavillion of the church,the balloons all flew over my head! I wish I would have had my camera then! On Sunday morning we woke up early and went out to the fairgrounds at 6:45 just in time to see them launch all the balloons! Its just really interesting to see how they do it. It was a really fun and very eventful weekend. Trish took all the pictures since her camera on her phone is better then my actual camera! How crazy is that?! I hope you enjoy them:)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

2 year anniversary

So today marks 2 years of blogging! I cant believe its already been that long ago since I started this. It has been enjoyable for me to record what I have been doing and have this journal! In honor of my anniversary I am doing a giveaway! I know you love it when I have these:) If you would like to enter please leave me a comment.I will be drawing a winner a week from today! Also if you didn't already know I am making my blog private starting september 1st. Let me know your emails if you want to stay in contact! Thanks for all your support:)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ukulele World Record Attempt

I have had a great love of the Ukulele since I can remember. My grandma taught herself how to play when she was young. She told me she used to sit on the banks of the canal and make up songs. Some of them are pretty funny. Her mom also taught her quite a few songs to play. When my mom and aunts came along she had them singing 3 part harmony when they were very young. She would play the Ukey (as she called it)and they would sing along. They are very good and could easily make their own cd! Well if they dont start laughing that is:)They are so funny if 1 of them starts to laugh they all do and then its impossible to get them to sing. Grandma has told me so many times how they would sing for groups and one of them would get the giggles and then it just snowballed. Every Christmas just before we go home for the night grandma gets out the ukey and we sing Christmas songs. Then if we are lucky we get to hear the sisters sing in their beautiful harmonys. Its a memory I will never forget. When I found out my roommate likes to play too it was an added bonus! She is really good and is always playing. We heard of this Aloha Festival that they were having in a nearby town and decided to go. I think next year it will be attended better. This year they didn't do very much advertising so not many showed up. You can see my roommate on the video she is wearing the red hawaiian shirt. They made it on cbs news so that is pretty good!

going private

I have decided to go private with my blog. If you are interested in keeping up with whats going on please leave me your email so I can include you. Thanks!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Diaper Cake

A friend of mine from work had a baby shower and so I thought I would get creative with the gift! I had heard of these being done I just put my own twist on it! I think it turned out pretty cute:)The diapers are the cake rounds and then I covered it with a fondant blanket:)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Scandinavian Festival

Yesterday a friend from the ward told us about this festival that was going on not to far away. Its a Scandinavian Festival with dancing and lots of booths with crafts and food. It was neat to see the different types of foods. Since my dad's side is Danish there were a few foods I recognized. I really wanted a meat pie but the line was so long. We already had to stand in line to get the best thing there. They are called Aebelskivers and they are so good! My great grandma use to make them and they take patience. Its very interesting to watch you pour this batter into this skillet that has round holes. When it starts to get brown you start moving it around with a type of knitting needle. When its all done its basically a pancake in a round ball. They gave us jam to dunk them in and it was oh so good! It was a good thing we parked a ways a way so I could walk some off! It was a really hot day so I think next time I will go when they first open or later when the sun goes down.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Smells of Summer

I dont know about you but I love the smells of summertime! I am sure everyone has different things they love. Some of my favorites are fresh vegetables from the garden especially tomatoes! I love the smell of a summer rain. The smell of freshly cut hay and the alfalfa fields at my parents. The smell of a campfire and smores! The lush green pine trees that are everywhere here. Clean air that you usually find only when your high in the mountains. Someone cooking food on the bbq grill, I love the smell of canning fruits and veggies. There is nothing better then going to the county fair and the smells of cotton candy or funnel cakes. What smells do you love in the summertime?

Monday, August 9, 2010

30 random things about me

I was tagged to do this about 6 months ago and I am just finally getting around to it. I hope you enjoy reading it!

1.Favorite Chocolate?

2.Sour or sweet candy?

3.Favorite hot drink?
Hot Chocolate

4.City or the country?

5.What is your dream job?
Running a bed and breakfast

6.What religion did you choose to follow?

7.Riding horses or riding dolphins?

8.What is your favorite color?

9.beach or mountain?
I love both for different reasons

10.What do you do when your feeling down?
I bake alot! you plan things in advance?
depends on what it is

12.How many hobbies do you have many to name

13.Close your eyes for a moment, who pops into your head?
My grandma

14. If you have friends coming for supper what would you cook?
dutch oven or something on the grill

15.What makes you cry?
People and situations

16.If you won the lottery, how would you spend your millions?
getting out of debt and helping my family do the same

17.Do you believe that the cup is half empty or half full?
Depends on the day

18.What do you do for fun?
camping or exploring places I haven't been

19.Are you an outdoor or an indoor person
a little bit of both

20.If you had only six months to live, what would you do first?
live each day to the fullest and forgive those that have hurt me

21.How do you feel?
Tired I am ready for a nap

What size shoes do you wear?
11 in women ya I know it is hard to find shoes to fit

22.Would you rather be hot or cold?
HOT you can only take off so many clothes to get cool!

23.What are some of your favorite Disney Films?
the older ones sleeping beauty, alice in wonderland

24.Juice and crackers or milk and cookies?
Milk and oreos
Favorite fruit?
blueberries,kiwi, strawberries, pineapple

25.Do you eat cold cereal at night?
Yes I love cereal

26.What is your favorite TV show?
anything on the food network, biggest loser, amazing race

27.Where do you want to travel next?
to hawaii

28.What is your favorite food?
navajo tacos

29.What is your favorite place?
on vacation

30.If you could have one super human power what would you choose?
Flying! It would be awesome to just fly to my friends for a few hours

Saturday, August 7, 2010

35 seems so old!

I turned 35 today I cant believe it! I feel so old especially when someone says your half way to 70! Well I hadn't thought about that but thanks I think?....For the most part its been a great 35 years with lots of adventures. I think one of the top highlights was becoming an aunt. My nieces and nephew are so cute and keep me smiling all the time! I am also grateful for such great parents that took us on the funnest vacations! I have so much to be grateful for at this time of my life. I am hoping the next 35 are just as amazing!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Music Meme

My sister had this on her blog awhile back and I thought it was cool! Just put your answers in using song titles from your favorite music artist. I of course went with the 80's music since its my favorite:)

* Are you a male or female: Lady in red
* Describe yourself: Destination unknown
* How do you feel? Forever Young
* Describe where you currently live: life in a Northern town
* If you could go anywhere, where would you go:Paradise City
* Your favorite form of transportation: Walk this way
* You and your best friends are: I'll be there for you
* Favorite time of day: Night is still young
* If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: straight from the heart
* Your favorite activity: Games without Frontiers
* What is life to you: Joyride
* Your relationship: owner of a lonely heart
* Your fear: Its the end of the world as we know it
* What is the best advice you have to give: The futures so bright I gotta wear shades
* Thought for the Day: We live for love
* How I would like to die: Only in my dreams
* My soul’s present condition: Livin on a prayer

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birthday Month

My big milestone birthday is coming up this next Saturday. Rather then have a nervous breakdown, I thought it would be fun to do something different with my blog this month. I will also being doing a giveaway toward the end of the month since its my 2 year anniversary of blogging! Stay tuned in to find out when and what it is!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Fun

This is Mantua lake they shot the fireworks up on the pier

kind of a fuzzy picture of Maya but she was in midswing:)

Notice how dirty Elijah's legs are he couldn't get enough of the stream

Anya always has something to show you

Grandpa Glen always loves to get his picture taken!

Grandma Opal loving Ivy

Anya loves "lemon water" that is what she calls watermelon

her cute watermelon mustache

how cute is Ivy!!

Phil and Stacie taking the kids out for a ride on the lake

Denise making a cute turtle in the sand love that farmer tan!

such a beautiful lake!

look how overcast it is this is when we first got there

Anya loved taking the shovel and putting sand in the little cups

I was able to go home to Utah for a very short trip. It was pretty busy but we had a great time. We had a dutch oven cookout at Box Elder Campground and had some of the grandparents there. I was also able to meet my new niece Ivy she is so cute and pretty calm. My dad made a make shift swing for the kids out of a lawn chair and it was a hit! The town of Mantua has a celebration every year called little valley days that was on Saturday. We didn't go to any of the activities except the fireworks that night. We spent the day in Bear Lake and it was fun once it got a little bit warmer! It was overcast and kind of chilly when we first arrived. It was hard keeping the kids out of the water once we started packing up. We tried a new place instead of getting the usual raspberry shakes at LaBeau's. Its called the Berry Bowl and its really good and there was hardly anyone there. Overall it was a great trip it would have been better had it not been in the 100's!! I was so glad to get back to 73 here in Oregon! I love spending time with family and really miss the fun summer activities. Thanks for all the time spent in planning!