Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015!

I'm back on the blog again! I decided it is time to come back and document another year. It's interesting to go back and read things. I feel bad I missed out on some pretty big things in the last 2 years. So I will be using some of this month to recap. Looking forward to a fabulous year!

Friday, December 7, 2012

I have decided to take a break from blogging for awhile. I feel its a good thing to do at this time. I have loved doing it but it has gotten to the point where I stress about it. I don't think anyone but me reads it anyway so it won't be missed. I appreciate those that have read it now and then. I know I will be back I just need to take some time off for now. Too many big projects in the future that will be eating up my time. So for now take care and happy holidays!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

this and that

Since I haven't been really good on this blog I thought I would update it. My roommate Trish is in Hawaii soaking up the sun and enjoying family. I wish I was there with her, especially this weekend when she goes through the temple for the first time. We will have to go when she gets back home. I have been looking for a new job for awhile now. My job is good and I love the people but its time to move on. I just needed to get out of the rut. There is alot of drama at my work and its hard to stay positive. I also just got a new schedule making me work 12 hours shifts on the weekends. They cut my other shifts way back so I only have 30 hours. I just couldn't survive doing that. I have missed almost a month of church and it has really taken a toll on me. I was blessed to be able to find a new job. Its going to be the same hours but they are looking into getting me more. Its at a retirement home not assited living so that will be nice. The people all have their own apartments and we just have to cook lunch for them.I am excited to start this new journey and I really hope it works out for me. I also have so many different things on my plate getting ready for the holidays. Lots of fun projects that I just need to focus on and get done! So that is about all for now but I am going to try and stay up with this blog. Oh and the pictures from the reunion on the post down from this came from my aunt Paula's blog:)Except the last one its mine.

Braegger Reunion Sept.22, 2012

Even though I had already been home in September once I was able to go back. I got a REALLY good deal on airfare so I went home for the weekend. It was so great to be able to be there. I flew in on Friday night and on Saturday we had our 1st Annual Braegger family reunion. This is the first get together since my grandma passed away. I thought it was a great success! We were able to get the girl's home in Mantua and it was so beautiful with the leaves changing. We had a dutch oven dinner and I cooked the chicken and potatoes. I thought the potatoes turned out but the chicken was disappointing. I over cooked it so it was dry and needed some sauce or marinade. Anyway we played games the kids did a craft. We talked and laughed and the kids did a pinata. My niece Ivy has inherited my sweet tooth and she was army crawling in to get some candy. It was hilarious to watch and she even threw a piece in her mouth wrapper and all so she could eat it! I think everyone had a great time and I look forward to the one next year. I have reserved the date so hopefully with that much notice everyone can come. I was also able to go to the Brigham City temple dedication and it was so neat. President Packer spoke and said he pleaded to the lord to let him live to see the temple finished. It was such a blessing the lord preserved his life long enough to do so.Since him and his wife both grew up in Brigham they let him do the dedication. It was a fun weekend but really busy! I am looking forward to going home for Christmas.I love the holidays!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

whirlwind weekend 8/30-9/3

My sister Lisa and I decided we wanted to go down to Utah to the Brigham City temple open house. Since my dad's 60th birthday was that weekend we thought why not we can do it all! So after work on Thursday I drove up to Lisa's house to stay overnight so we could leave early Friday. We packed the car that night and we were all set to leave first thing. We woke up and we were on the road by 4:20! It was going to be a long day and we wanted a good start. It was a pretty good drive lots of junk food and music and talking. I think my favorite was playing this game where we asked questions about different subjects. We were going strong till we only had 2 hours left then we just wanted to be there. Lisa's car has a feature on it that tells you how many miles you can go before you need gas. We were going to get gas in Snowville but the problem was it was 48 more miles and the range said we only 53! Since this was the first big trip for Lisa's car we decided we better not risk it. The problem was we were in the middle of no where and there was only 1 gas station. We pulled in and they were selling gas for a ridiculous amount. We were both so mad I told her I was only going to put 20 dollars in so we could make it to Snowville. I was only able to get 4 1/2 gallons with that money isn't that crazy! Anyway we finally pulled into our parent's house around 5:45pm. We were so tired we went to bed at 9. We got up early and went down to the open house at the temple. It was such a beautiful temple they really did a great job on the details. After that we decided we wanted to can peaches so we went and bought a 1/2 bushel. My mom had to give a lesson in church the next day so Lisa and I decided to do them. It was fun and brought back lots of memories growing up helping. We had planned to go to the box elder campground for a dutch oven dinner but, it rained really good instead. So I decided to make the dutch oven in the regular oven. We had Mark and his family come and we had a little party for my dad. We made peach cobbler and it was really good! The rest of the weekend went fast and the next thing we knew we were back in the car. It was a lot longer trip home because the traffic was awful. We were so glad to get out of the car! I stayed overnight and went home the next day it was a fun but very fast trip! I have more pictures of the temple but they are all on Lisa's phone so I will have to wait for her to email me. hint hint if you are reading Lee!
Do you ever see weird things when you are driving? I saw this giant pig when I was going up to Lisa's and had to take the picture!
Princess Ivy
heading down to jump in the hay at the barn
lighting the candles
blowing out the candles
fixing Ivy's hair in a ponytail
Brigham City Temple

Monday, August 27, 2012

Lincoln City Aug.5-8

Its been a busy summer with work and my family all came to visit!We rented a beach house in Lincoln city and it was pretty nice. Sometimes the pictures they put online do not match the real thing. We had a few issues with the fact they said it would sleep 14 but it really only slept 11. Besides that we had a good time playing games, doing a craft, eating way too much good food! We went to the Aquarium that I got tickets for at half price! We saw a few lighthouses and then of course ate at Mo's my dad's all time favorite place for Clam chowder. The grand kids just wanted to play in the water everywhere we went. Any of you who are familiar with the Oregon coast its not a warm place to be! They didn't care till they were frozen then it wasn't as fun. I planned a party for my parents. They both turned 60 this year so I wanted to do something special.I made up a poster of the number 60 in pictures of their life I thought it turned out cute and some of the pictures they had never seen! I got a few from their siblings so that was fun for them. Then I had made up a trivia game of things about them with multiple choice answers.I had everyone try and guess the favorites. I was surprised by a few of the answers that I thought for sure I would get right. We also were there for my birthday and my mom surprised me with a quilt that she whipped up a week before they got there. It was a lot of work and I can't wait for it to be cold so I can use it! We had a great time and I look forward to the next adventure.There are lots of pictures thanks to my sister in law Stacie for sharing. Some of them didn't stay in order so I hope they all make sense.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Relay for Life part 2

This year for relay was really rainy! We got to the school track around 12 and not even kidding as soon as we had our canopy's up it started to rain. We lucked out that we got there when we did. It rained non stop up until midnight and then we had a few hours that is was just a mist. Talk about being cold and wet but it didn't dampen our spirits! We still had a great time and cried and laughed together. The next morning after we had our closing ceremony the sun came out!! It was really hot and muggy after that. I was just glad I was going home to go to bed and didn't have to walk in that weather. I am looking forward to next year already!
This is our team minus a couple of people that hadn't got there yet. The girl with the dark hair on the end and I were co team captains. It was a lot of work for me this year because she ended up moving 45 minutes away. I went to all the meetings for us but she helped in other ways. She isn't going to be on the team next year and I am going to really miss her!
These 2 are such an inspiration! This little boy was diagnosed with bone cancer and not even 2 weeks later his mom found out she had Hodgkin’s lymphoma. They were both out walking the track in the rain.
This is an emotional part of the event. All of the survivors line up and walk around the track and we cheer for them. Some of them have no hair, some are in wheelchairs, some are missing limbs.
Some of them cry the whole time around the track its emotional for them too.
This is our tent site with all the stuff we have for sale. We had a mini bake sale, recipe books, shirts, wooden signs and massages. Our theme for Relay was the magic of Relay dream it hope it cure it. We went with a Disney twist and found some cute decorations.
This is Trish helping put up a tarp to keep the rain out. This is the food booth I did for my fundraiser. I was worried nobody would buy anything since it was really rainy. I had some pretty cute signs that said Mickey's diner. I served Chicken salad crossiants,chips, lemonade and homemade oreo's in the shape of Mickey's head. I sold more then I thought I would and the Mickey oreo's were a big hit!
Trish decided to cut her hair off! All of the sudden she said I am going to cut my hair. They cut 8 inches off and she had 4 ponytails because her hair is so thick! It looks really cute short. I cut mine last year so by next year it will be ready to go!
This is Satina the one I am co captains with. Our team did so awesome this year! WE are at the gold level which means we raised more then 5,000! As of today we are close to 8,000 with what we made at Relay. We also did all of the requirements to be a team pacesetter.
This is another emotional part of relay the luminaria bags. In a couple of pictures back you can see all of our bags stuffed under the table waiting to go out. We sold over 250 bags! We line them up around the track and put sand and a candle in them. They all look so awesome and make you cry when you read some of them.
This is our ceremony we had. They have someone come up and tell their story then we all walk around the track together. They play some pretty emotional songs like wind beneath my wings, hero, survivor. It is very cool to have a chance to remember so many and hope for the best for others.
This is me trying to get warm around 2am. It was so cold and rainy and I was just freezing! It was actually better to be walking around the track cuz at least that got the blood pumping!
This was our last lap around the track. We are suppose to carry our team sign and walk together. We were missing a few people but it was fun to be with those still there. It was an awesome event and I am truly blessed to be apart of it!