Thursday, October 18, 2012

this and that

Since I haven't been really good on this blog I thought I would update it. My roommate Trish is in Hawaii soaking up the sun and enjoying family. I wish I was there with her, especially this weekend when she goes through the temple for the first time. We will have to go when she gets back home. I have been looking for a new job for awhile now. My job is good and I love the people but its time to move on. I just needed to get out of the rut. There is alot of drama at my work and its hard to stay positive. I also just got a new schedule making me work 12 hours shifts on the weekends. They cut my other shifts way back so I only have 30 hours. I just couldn't survive doing that. I have missed almost a month of church and it has really taken a toll on me. I was blessed to be able to find a new job. Its going to be the same hours but they are looking into getting me more. Its at a retirement home not assited living so that will be nice. The people all have their own apartments and we just have to cook lunch for them.I am excited to start this new journey and I really hope it works out for me. I also have so many different things on my plate getting ready for the holidays. Lots of fun projects that I just need to focus on and get done! So that is about all for now but I am going to try and stay up with this blog. Oh and the pictures from the reunion on the post down from this came from my aunt Paula's blog:)Except the last one its mine.

Braegger Reunion Sept.22, 2012

Even though I had already been home in September once I was able to go back. I got a REALLY good deal on airfare so I went home for the weekend. It was so great to be able to be there. I flew in on Friday night and on Saturday we had our 1st Annual Braegger family reunion. This is the first get together since my grandma passed away. I thought it was a great success! We were able to get the girl's home in Mantua and it was so beautiful with the leaves changing. We had a dutch oven dinner and I cooked the chicken and potatoes. I thought the potatoes turned out but the chicken was disappointing. I over cooked it so it was dry and needed some sauce or marinade. Anyway we played games the kids did a craft. We talked and laughed and the kids did a pinata. My niece Ivy has inherited my sweet tooth and she was army crawling in to get some candy. It was hilarious to watch and she even threw a piece in her mouth wrapper and all so she could eat it! I think everyone had a great time and I look forward to the one next year. I have reserved the date so hopefully with that much notice everyone can come. I was also able to go to the Brigham City temple dedication and it was so neat. President Packer spoke and said he pleaded to the lord to let him live to see the temple finished. It was such a blessing the lord preserved his life long enough to do so.Since him and his wife both grew up in Brigham they let him do the dedication. It was a fun weekend but really busy! I am looking forward to going home for Christmas.I love the holidays!!