Sunday, November 27, 2011

Elder Hardwick

This is Elder Hardwick with a little attitude because he loves pictures. He was called to the Eugene Oregon mission. Last year he was transferred down to Albany and into our ward. He was a great guy and had lots of energy toward missionary work. There were lots of inactive people he got to come back to church. There was just something about him that made people draw to him. This last Wednesday night he was killed in a horrible plane accident. Here is the article its so sad...

All 6 Confirmed Dead in Arizona Plane Crash
APACHE JUNCTION, Ariz. - Three children and three adults are confirmed dead following a small plane crash and explosion in the Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix.
Authorities have released their names:
Russell Hardy, 31, Thatcher, AZ, co-pilot and partial owner of the aircraft - married with a 3-year-old son
Joseph Hardwick, 22, Safford, AZ, airplane mechanic - youngest of seven children and engaged to be married next month
Shawn Perry, 39, Safford, AZ, co-pilot - divorced father of three
Morgan Perry, 9, Gold Canyon, AZ
Logan Perry, 8, Gold Canyon, AZ
Luke Perry, 6, Gold Canyon, AZ

According to the Pinal County Sheriff's Office, the plane originated in Safford and landed at Mesa's Falcon Field about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday to pick up Perry's children, who lived in Gold Canyon with their mother Karen. The goal was to take them back to Safford to celebrate Thanksgiving.
"We express our deep sympathy to the families. The remains of all of these loved ones are being handled with great care and compassion, and working with the medical examiners to identify the bodies at this point," said Sheriff Babeu.
"These people were all very close, there were all family, even though they were not related."
Babeu added that he met with the families personally and that they are distraught.
"For me personally, in talking with family members, it is not easy. We have to maintain our professionalism and courtesy, I just wanted to tell them personally we were doing everything possible to maintain the dignity of their loved one and to safeguard their memories... we're heartbroken with them."
The plane refueled and departed Falcon Field about 6:15 p.m. While ascending, the plane was unable to clear the height of the Superstition Mountains -- and crashed into the Flat Iron peak, elevation 4,500 feet.The plane split in two and burst into flames.
"No one could survive that crash... we didn't want to give false hope, even though our efforts are to rescue and to save life, that was not possible," said Babeu.
A recovery operation began and by the end of the night, one child's body had been recovered. At midnight, search efforts were suspended until daybreak. The crash occurred in a part of the mountain range that is very rugged, and because of the explosion, debris was strewn over a large area.By Thursday, the remaining victims were confirmed dead.

This really struck home with me just how important life is. We need to make sure to tell people we love how much all the time. I had an uncle that was killed in a similar accident when he was 21 and I never got to meet him. He was the only boy and I know my grandpa was devastated to go identify his remains in a green garbage bag. He was married and had a 1 year old little boy. Unfortunatley they chose not to be apart of our family. I always wondered what my cousin looked like what his interests were. I finally got to see him this year at my grandma's viewing. I often wonder how happy my grandparent's were to see their son after so many years. I really feel for these families that have been put through this tragedy. At least we have the gospel to make us feel peace. I know that the family that lost the dad and 3 kids were not members of our church. Can you imagine how devastating that would be to attend those funerals? I am so glad for the gospel!

Friday, November 25, 2011

this and that

Its been awhile since I wrote on my blog. I really haven't had that much to blog about lately. I have been working a lot lately which is one of the main reasons I got sick. Dont worry though I started feeling yucky on my first day off. I spent Thanksgiving in bed watching a marathon of Muppet movies they had on tv. Nothing can make me feel better then that:) Today I am feeling a little bit better so I am happy about that. I felt bad that I wasn't with family for the holiday's. That is one of the hard parts of living away from home. I had planned to go to my sister's but my car just wasn't up for it. Its getting old and not wanting to run like I want it to. I still can't believe the holiday's are here! I have some shopping done but not as much as I need to have done at this point. I am doing a lot of homemade stuff this year which I am happy about. I love Christmas time the music, the joy of remember the savior's birth, the decorations and lights. People reaching out to help other people. Today when I was out I saw firemen out with boots collecting money for kids with muscular dystrophy. It seriously brought tears to my eyes when people were rolling down their windows handing over money left and right. That's what the holiday's are all about not all the greediness you feel when you go shopping on black Friday. Sorry for all the rambling maybe its the medicine:) I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 14, 2011

hard decisions

This last weekend was a very difficult one for my mom's side of the family. With the passing of my grandma in May they knew they would have to sell the house. As much as we wanted to keep it in the family and turn things around we just couldn't do it. This was a very difficult thing for my mom and her sister's. They would have loved to keep it so we could have family things there. They did find an amazing buyer for the house that promised to keep the place as much the same as possible. He is going to be doing a lot of remodeling and upkeep. I know it wont be the same driving past and not being able to go there.
It has been really hard for me to hear about all the decisions. I know its for the best but I have had so many memories there. I know you can always take them with you but its hard to not have that place to go to. I am writing a poem about my grandma's house and when I get it done I will post it. Then maybe it will be easier to understand the way I feel...

Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Anniversary Reunion

Today would have been my grandparent's 63rd wedding anniversary. Now that they have both passed on I am sure it was a wonderful reunion. They were the perfect couple so good for each other. They got married later in life but I know it was fate that put them together. When my grandpa passed away I thought my grandma would die from a broken heart. They were 2 peas in a pod and were just too cute. They were always found holding hands watching TV. They loved doing crossword puzzles and eating popcorn and dont forget the Pepsi! I am so happy they are together today even though I am missing them so much. I think its always the hardest the first year of holidays when they are not around. I am not looking forward to the holiday's with grandma gone now. She was born in December and Christmas was her favorite holiday. I spent so many hours at her house helping her decorate for the holidays. We listened to music and watched the Lawrence Welk Christmas. She made the holiday's so happy for me. I have a pit in my stomach just thinking about her not being here this year. I just have to think how happy she is now and it makes it a bit happier.