Monday, May 23, 2011

Photo fun Part 3 finally!

21.A picture of your favorite video game

I love the wii and I love Toy Story Mania! Its so much fun to play!

22.A picture of anything

I love the mountains and I especially love the flag.

23.A picture of something you miss

This is my grandma B she recently passed away. I cant express how much
I miss her.
24.A picture of something beautiful

I thought this was the coolest tree! Its called the octopus tree. It looks like a giant octopus just upside down. There is no main trunk for it but I just loved the branches!

25.A picture of you doing something physical

If your going to go hiking this is the only way to go. It stayed nice and cool in the trees.

26.A picture of your desktop

I have always been a fan of sunsets! This is one of my favorite pictures.

27.A picture of the weather

This is the weather most of the time where I live. I love the rain always have so maybe its a good thing I live here:)

28.A picture of something you despise

Not only do I hate mushroom's I am allergic to them. I also can't stand lima beans yucky!

29.A picture of your city

You might think this is a hilarious picture of my city but its right next
to the city so I thought it would do:)

30. A picture of someone from your favorite sports team

I have always loved the USU aggies basketball games. The energy from the spectrum is awesome. I think big blue is pretty entertaining too!