Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sad Story

We had a pretty sad day at church today. We learned that a family in our ward had an accident on Saturday night. A father and his 15 year old son and a really good friend of the dad (who is also in the ward)went kayaking. They started out in Corvallis which is the town next to ours. They were planning to go down the river together. They were doing fine until the son got to far over and kind of got caught up in some limbs. He fell out of his kayak but managed to grab a hold of it to hold on. They were all wearing life jackets thank goodness. They were close by a park so they were trying to get over to get out. The only one to make it out was the friend and he quickly called 911. They went down 6 more miles before they were able to get them out. The son had been in the water over an hour and it was only 44 degrees. He went unconcious and it took them an hour to get his heart started again. They took him to the hospital and then up to Portland to the OSHU. He is in very critical condition and has not woken up yet. We had a ward fast for him starting tonight and into tomorrow. It was a very sad day lots of tears and sadness. We are praying for the best for this family.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Rain Rain go Away!

This last week it started to rain on Monday then it changed to snow. Then on Tuesday afternoon it turned back to rain and didn't stop until Thursday!! That's right it rained straight through Wednesday without stopping! For awhile we were all worried at work because they kept closing roads. Alot of us live outside of the valley we work in and there are only 2 roads out. Everything started to flood and it got pretty bad. My parent's even called me because my hometown made it on the news!! It was a sad story of a family that got swept up in the water and the dad and 1 boy got out but the mom and baby drown:( It has calmed down quite a bit since then but don't worry we still have rain in the forecast!
Meanwhile up and my sister Lisa's house in Washington she was getting dumped on with snow!! It was pretty awful since they are not use to getting that much at a time. It dropped 4-6 inches and then it rained so it turned to ice. Not a pretty commute at all! Over 250 thousand people lost there electricity and there are still 50 thousand still without. This last weekend I had planned to go up to her house and move her to her new apartment. After all the crap with the storm I was very hesitant. The forecast said it was suppose to rain and get warmer so I thought why not! I got up there on Friday night and it was a really scary drive. It was really slushy and there was still snow on the sides. I didn't know what we were going to do the next day but we both prayed hard. When we woke up on Saturday it wasn't doing anything and it had started melting a lot. We were so excited we got started around 9 and about 4 we were done. Right after carrying up the last load it started to rain. We really lucked out! It was fun to be with my sister and help her. We got to play games and watch movies and went to a fun container store. We always eat too much and just enjoy each others company. I can't wait to go visit again! Maybe next time I will luck out and get sunshine! The first 3 pictures are in Oregon right around where I live. The other 2 are in Seattle but you would think they are in Utah!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Aunt Kim

This is my aunt Kim isn't she gorgeous! About 23 years ago she was diagnosed with Cancer. I don't remember what kind I just remember how horribly sick she got. After going through chemo and radiation she went into remission. We never thought we would have to hear she was dealing with it again. She works as a lunch lady at the middle school. She hit her arm when she was working and it hurt more then normal but she didn't think anything. A week or 2 later she hit it again on something and after a few days it started looking infected. She went and had it checked out and heard the devastating news. She has been diagnosed with epitheloid sarcoma a very rare cancer that began growing in her arm.This time it cant be treated with radiation or chemotherapy, so the only thing that can be done is surgery or amputation. To someone who cooks for a living this is not good news. She is also the most amazing seamstress. She went in and had the surgery it took them 3 hours and they took quite a bit out of her arm. I would post the picture but you might have a weak stomach. She went in yesterday to get it checked out to see if they had gotten all the cancer and still is waiting for results. If anyone can fight this she can she is one of the strongest women I know. They have had their fair share of heartaches. Her daughter was diagnosed with lukemia around the same time she was dealing with her cancer the first time. She was also 8 month's pregnant at the time so she wasn't able to do any chemo until the baby came. Its been a hard trial for the family but they have got through it. I know they will deal with whatever is given to them this time too. I am so thankful for strong examples of faith in my life. My aunt has been a rock and comforted everyone around her during this. We have been praying and fasting for her and hopefully it will be a good outcome. We just have to keep the faith!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

I know I have been absent awhile but I have been really busy! I went home for a week for Christmas and was on the run literally the whole time! My mom always makes lists of things she wants to do so we keep busy. It was a nice time home and I always get emotional when I have to go. This time was especially hard because we had to say goodbye to my grandma's house. It has been sold and will have a new owner soon. Growing up we moved around A LOT and I never really had a place to call home. Home was basically where my family was not a location. I did however have one place that I always thought of as my home and that was my grandma's house. My sister and I spent so much of our lives there growing up. My grandparent's never seemed to be upset that we were always just coming over. We loved the safe loving feeling you got when you went. Grandma always welcomed you with open arms and made you feel like you were the best thing ever. So saying goodbye to that place was like saying goodbye to my own house. So many memories around every corner and nobody could ever replace that in my mind. There is a song my grandma and my mom and aunts sing called home and its so perfect for the way I feel about that place. They sang it at her funeral and it was such a tribute to her.

When shadows fall
And trees whisper, "Day is ending",
My thoughts are forever wending home.
When crickets call,
My heart is forever yearning
Once more to be returning home.

When the hills conceal the setting sun,
Stars begin a-peeping, one by one.
Night covers all,
And though fortune may forsake me,
Sweet dreams will ever take me home.

One other thing I wanted to mention when I went home is our family singalong. We love to sing around the piano till none of us have a voice anymore. This rarely happens because we are all spread out and dont get to come together very often. I love it when we sing we sound really good. I know that sounds arrogant but we really do sound good. Everyone sings a different part and we blend really well! Anyway we were going through singing everybody's favorite Christmas song and my brother Mark wanted Once in Royal David's City. I thought that was interesting that he chose that song out of all the more popular ones. So I asked him why it was his favorite and he said because of the 3rd verse. So I read it and it brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful verse that brings peace and comfort! I love our Hymns! Here is the last verse:

And our eyes at last shall see Him,
Through His own redeeming love;
For that Child so dear and gentle,
Is our Lord in heaven above:
And He leads His children on,
To the place where He is gone.