Sunday, July 31, 2011

This and that and pictures

I know I haven't been around lately. I moved and with that came no internet. I only get to the library every once in awhile. I still need to blog about my experience with Relay for life. I will do that when I get another chance. I wanted to post something kind of fun this time around. Not that relay wasn't fun but very emotional and uplifting. My sister and I drove home to Utah for my grandma's funeral in May. It was a fun road trip but given more time we could have made it even funner! Is that even a word? Anyway we played lots of music ate lots of food. Some of it we brought was fun because we both brought things we use to eat when we went on trips as kids. I still cant believe that we were able to chew hubba bubba gum. After attempting to chew some this time we could barley talk we were laughing so hard. I guess you had to be there but still:) My friend told me this fun game she played when they went on road trips and I wanted to try it. You take pictures of fun signs you see or different things you find interesting. I took a few pictures of nostalgic signs too. It was really quite fun and I might have gotten carried away:)So I warned you now that there are lots of pictures. I hope you enjoy them:)