Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I cant believe its already the end of October! Where did the month fly by to? Last night I was in charge of a Halloween party at our church. It started out with just being our ward. Then we decided to include 2 other wards and can you say crazy! We had each of the primary presidents and the activity chairs as a commitee. We played carnival games had spooky treats and a krispy treat walk. Then on top of all that decided to do trunker treat! What were we thinking?! Well we ended up having around 450 people show up and the building was bursting at the seams! Its a good thing we meet in the stake center. I thought it went over well and you could say it was a huge success and failure. We just needed more people in charge and to invite less wards. Oh well you live and learn and at least all I have heard is how much fun the kids had. Isn't that the main thing?:)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Disneyland part 1

We are on the Toy Story mania ride so much fun!

They have California spelled out so we went and stood by our first letter

This is Mater and lightening Macqueen they were in a parade and they
are making a huge ride themed from the movie Cars opening in 2012.

I am standing in front just before you go in. Everything
is Halloween themed and so cute!

I thought these caramel apples were adorable!

They have this giant Mickey Jack o lantern right after
going into Disneyland. There was always a line to get
a picture. Trish got a great picture right when the park opened!

Here is Trish and Minnie in one of her many outfits

This was so cool to look at at night. They had this ferris
wheel and the Mickey head changed different colors. They also had
a show called world of color in front of it. Stay tuned for more of

They had all these different pumpkins carved out of different
characters. It was too dark to get the pumpkin part so it looks
like a floating head!

Mr. Potato head in front of the Toy Story Mania ride. He is hilarious
if you have time to sit and listen to him. Which you do waiting to get
on that ride! Its so amazing what they can do with computers now days.

Here is the castle at night and you can see the different pumpkins
at Walt Disney's feet. They were so cute when they were all lit up.

I am back from the happiest place on earth! I had a great trip to Disneyland even with the rain and tons of people the first day. I am so glad I never go there on weekends. We went over when we flew in on Sunday and man it was a mad house. We could barely move around with all the people. The next few days were so much better and hardly any people came. I think alot of that has to do with the rainy weather. I had checked the weather a week before we went and there was no rain in the forecast. Well next thing we know its overcast everyday and even rained pretty good the first full day we went. That didn't stop us we braved it and had lots of fun. We saw new and old things and did alot of people watching:) I think overall it was a great time and I cant wait to go back. Did I mention my roommate LOVES to take pictures and videos? Well on this trip alone she took over 500 pictures! Ya thats what I said holy cow! I think I might have taken 50 but I am always glad she takes so many so I can see all the cool shots. So this is just a very small beginning to the masses I have. I might have to do a slide show with the rest so your not bored. I hope you enjoy looking at them:)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I love Fall!

I love this time of year so much! I love the beautiful colors and cool air. I love looking at farms filled with pumpkins and corn mazes. I love hiking and stepping on crunchy leaves. I am really looking forward to going on vacation this weekend! I love fall at Disneyland! I love all their fun decorations and the atmosphere. Its just a fun place all around. I will post more about that later....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Surprise Visit

My sister Lisa and my roommate Trish put their heads together and surprised me with a visit from Lisa! I was so excited when I was just sitting around on a Friday night and in walks Lisa. Even though we are only 4 hours away we just dont get to see each other as much as we would like. We had a great time going to a favorite restaurant of mine and playing the Wii:)Trish had to work the next day so Lisa and I went to this museum that I have wanted to go to for awhile. They are building a carousel downtown and right now are carving all the animals. Its a lot of work and we watched a few of them carve. Then they have a room where they are painting them all. We thought the room looked like a homemaking night at our church:) There were all these ladies just chatting away while they painted. My pictures didn't turn out the best they were kind of blurry but hopefully you get the idea. After the museum we went to the next town and watched toy story 3 in 3D it was awesome! We played games and laughed and talked just the therapy I need. Trish and I had planned to go to a fireside that night in Eugene where Brother Bednar and 2 members of the 70 were speaking. We all went and were so glad we did it was awesome. Instead of giving talks they did a Q&A session. People raised their hands and asked a question and they would answer it. It was a great night full of the spirit. The next day was church and then lunch and the next thing we knew it was time for her to go:( It always goes by so fast but I am so lucky to have such great sisters! I cant wait to see her at Thanksgiving:)We took a cute picture together minus my double chin but I am wearing an apron my mom made for me for my birthday:)