Sunday, June 24, 2012

Walking with Angels 5k

I know its been a long time since I blogged but I have good reason. I have been really busy with Relay for life. Its an event for the American Cancer Society. I will explain more about that in the next post. Basically we have to do fundraisers and raise money for Cancer. Our team decided to do a 5k for our big fundraiser. It was such a big undertaking and at some points it was a huge headache. After all the stress and craziness the event turned out so great! We had 140 people sign up to do it and it ended up being a big family event. I put together goodie bags to give all the participants and was in charge of doing a bake sale. I thought it turned out pretty nice looking.I wanted it set up like an old fashioned bakery where everything is on nice platters. Some of the members of the team helped me by making things for the sale and I think we did great.The picture of the little boy is Casey and he is the son of a mom on our team. His mom has just hit her 1 year mark of being cancer free. She battled breast cancer and it sure took a toll on her. A couple of weeks ago they received horrible news that he has cancer. He had his tumor taken out and just started his chemo this last week. I feel so sad for them what a horrible thing to have 2 family members deal with cancer. It makes me work even harder to make more money to fight Cancer!