Monday, May 7, 2012

Early Memorial day

Since I wasn't going to be in Utah for memorial day I thought it would be nice to go visit the graves. So on Sunday afternoon my parents,Denise and I went to a few cemeteries. We went down to the Brigham city one and its really nice but sure is crowded. I love that they planted lilac bushes all around the outside kind of like a gate.
I didn't get a picture of my grandpa Keith's headstone but here is my cousin Shawna's.
I love the picture her husband chose for her it fits perfect. Its a praying woman from Nauvoo. That is her to a tea she was always so spiritual and just loved everything to do with Nauvoo. I sure do miss her and being able to call and just talk. I feel so sad for her kids it can't be easy being without a mom. Thank goodness for our beliefs or it sure would be a sad life for them. I was so glad I was able to go on this road trip. It sure was a long 13 hours of straight driving back home but my car was amazing! I can't wait to go back hopefully for the temple open house!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Baptism and graduation

My niece Maya was baptized on Saturday morning by her dad. It was a tough thing because Denise was also graduating from college the same time. Neither of the events could be moved so we had to split up. We wanted an equal amount to each event. It was really hard to choose which to go to but we finally made our choices. Lisa,Phil and Stacie went to the baptism. My parents and grandma and I went to Denise's graduation. After everything was over we met at my parent's house for a big celebration for them both. I think everyone that partcipated had a good time. The kids were really hyper so we took them on a few walks to try and settle them down.
I was happy to see Denise finally graduate from college. It has been a rough road and she has been back and forth whether to finish or not. I know my parents were really pleased with her. It was a great day just really long it didn't take long to fall asleep!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Road trip to Utah

We had quite a few things going on with my family this weekend and flights were way too much so I drove. My roommate came with me which was good because she kept me awake! The drive wasn't too bad especially with this as the scenery!
I always get choked up when I get closer to home and see those beautiful mountains surrounding me. There is just something about them they are quite a comfort.
We decided we were going to surprise a few people before meeting up with our families. My old roommate Sue is getting married so we called and had her meet us. It was great to catch up with her and see how truly happy she is now. So glad she found someone to treat her good. Then I dropped Trish off at her brother's and it was quite a surprise for them to see her! I went to my friend Julie's work and really gave her a good surprise she yelled and scared everyone in her office! I never seem to have enough time with all my dear friends. I made one more stop to see another sweet friend then I made it home. It was so nice to be home and in the quiet of my parent's home. We just relaxed the rest of the day and I rode the new 4 wheeler that was fun. Then my sister Lisa got there she flew in since she had to work more days then I did. My mom got out her famous list of things that had to be done for the weekend and we planned. Since my grandma Jean passed away and everything had been divided we had to load up the stuff my mom got and that was no easy thing. My grandma has a really nice dresser set with a big mirror that ways 2 tons. It was basically my dad and I carrying it all out with a bit of help from my mom and sisters. I was so glad to have it done and we went for Chinese food afterward. We had to go back and load up one more load then my dad headed for home. My sister's and I wanted to roam the property and take a million pictures. This has been a really hard thing for us to adjust to. Growing up we didn't really have a home we could call ours since my parents moved around a lot. My grandma's house was always our roots and we spent so much time there. I am so glad for the thousand memories I can think of when I go over every inch of her property. My mom and sister and I stopped to see my aunt Kim on our way home. She is always in such good spirits and so positive. She was telling us how she can do her hair and sew one handed. She continues to amaze me with all she can do. We came home and relaxed for our big day in the morning.