Sunday, December 18, 2011

Zoo lights!

It has been a very busy month! My calendar can't hold too much more. I have done lots of fun things this month so I have a few posts to do. My friend really wanted to go to the zoo for her birthday. I was really wondering about her since its in December! She told me about the zoo lights so I was curious to see what it was like. So we went and it was really pretty! There were so many lights everywhere that I could have put 50 pictures on here easy! They had a fun train ride but it was really cold and my feet were getting numb. They didn't have any of the animals out so that was kind of sad. We did see a few monkey's and other things that were in an indoor setting.They had these different character's walking around that you could take your picture with. They always had a bunch of people with them so I was happy to catch Rudolph just coming out and nobody was around! It was really fun but next year I am going to dress warmer!

Monday, December 5, 2011

101 things I know...

A year ago today my cousin Shawna passed from this life free of pain. At her funeral her sister read a list of 101 things she knew. It inspired me to do the same and I wanted to share the list with you. Its very random but I wrote it as soon as I thought it. I encourage you all to make a list too its fun to go back and read. I sure miss her and think of her everyday.

1-god lives
2-god will help us we just have to ask
3-Jesus died for us
4-Jesus bled in Gethsemane for our sins
5-Joseph Smith was a true prophet of god
6-the pioneers had remarkable faith and endured much
7-Death is not the end
8-I hate goodbyes
9-I grow way to close to people
10-My grandparents have taught me by example
11-My grandparents are some of the most amazing people I have known
12-My mother doesn't give herself enough credit
13-My dad is full of ideas and common sense
14-My siblings are all very unique and have many talents
15-I love to sing with my family
16-I make friends for life
17-Money doesn't buy happiness
18-Do what your told to do when your told to do it
19-I love to watch fireworks
20-I am proud to be an American
21-I love the flag and what it stands for
22-I am so honored to know my grandpa's fought for my freedom
23-People die trying to defend our freedom everyday
24-I love being an aunt
25-Marching band was one of the best things of my life
26-My nieces and nephew have brilliant imaginations
27-I love camping
28-Family vacations brought us close as family
29-board games are fun with people that enjoy playing
30-my favorite color has always been red
31-people can damage your soul
32-hymns are powerful messages
33-I love country music
34-Boys will break your heart
35-We go through trials to make us stronger people
36-There is beauty all around when there's love at home
37-I have been deeply hurt by people I love
38-General Conference gives me a spiritual high
39-I love the cemetery and the history you can read about there
40-I love walking with my mom
41-I have disappointed people
42-My love for others is really overwhelming
43-Michael Jackson was an amazing singer and dancer
44-life can be hard
45-cooking calms my soul
46-I am a genuine person
47-crying helps heal people
48-grudges make us weak
49-we are here to be tested
50-pictures are worth a 1000 words
51-debt causes sadness and defeat
52-death is sad if you dont have the gospel
53-coloring is peaceful
54-camping is the best therapy
55-losing weight is overwhelming
56-I hate being fat
57-I hate being judged by others
58-We can only help others so much then they have to help themselves
59-The mountains are breathtaking
60-I hate to hike
61-I love Utah State Aggie Basketball
62-family traditions are the best
63-cooking makes me happy
64-life isn't fair
65-people can be really mean
66-I judge people way to quickly
67-I would do anything to bring someone happiness
68-Satan is real
69-I hate to run
70-I love to watch the ocean waves
71-I might not marry in this life
72-Disneyland is a magical place
73-I love how happy I get when I go to Disneyland
74-I love animals I just can't be around them
75-I hate having allergies
76-Ingrown toenails are the worst
77-I love having smores and stories around the campfire
78-I love to swim but hate deep water
79-Temptations are of the devil
80-I love hot chocolate
81-I love to fall asleep to the sound of rain
82-I love the spirit you feel from music
83-The Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing like Angels
84-I love the peace I feel at the temple
85-we have a living prophet of God who loves us
86-I love my cousins
87-I love to go on walks
88-I love to take drives up the canyon
89-I love Nauvoo and the history there
90-Chicago pizza and hot dogs are the best
91-My aunts and uncles are some of the most amazing people
92-There are always 2 sides to every story
93-I love the smell of a new baby
94-I hate hospitals and needles
95-I have a very tender heart
96-Crying is a good way to cleanse the soul
97-I loved listening to my grandma play the Uke and sing
98-I love elderly people
99-Cancer has taken way to many people in my life
100-you don't know what you have got till its gone
101-You can do anything you put your mind to