Thursday, August 30, 2012

whirlwind weekend 8/30-9/3

My sister Lisa and I decided we wanted to go down to Utah to the Brigham City temple open house. Since my dad's 60th birthday was that weekend we thought why not we can do it all! So after work on Thursday I drove up to Lisa's house to stay overnight so we could leave early Friday. We packed the car that night and we were all set to leave first thing. We woke up and we were on the road by 4:20! It was going to be a long day and we wanted a good start. It was a pretty good drive lots of junk food and music and talking. I think my favorite was playing this game where we asked questions about different subjects. We were going strong till we only had 2 hours left then we just wanted to be there. Lisa's car has a feature on it that tells you how many miles you can go before you need gas. We were going to get gas in Snowville but the problem was it was 48 more miles and the range said we only 53! Since this was the first big trip for Lisa's car we decided we better not risk it. The problem was we were in the middle of no where and there was only 1 gas station. We pulled in and they were selling gas for a ridiculous amount. We were both so mad I told her I was only going to put 20 dollars in so we could make it to Snowville. I was only able to get 4 1/2 gallons with that money isn't that crazy! Anyway we finally pulled into our parent's house around 5:45pm. We were so tired we went to bed at 9. We got up early and went down to the open house at the temple. It was such a beautiful temple they really did a great job on the details. After that we decided we wanted to can peaches so we went and bought a 1/2 bushel. My mom had to give a lesson in church the next day so Lisa and I decided to do them. It was fun and brought back lots of memories growing up helping. We had planned to go to the box elder campground for a dutch oven dinner but, it rained really good instead. So I decided to make the dutch oven in the regular oven. We had Mark and his family come and we had a little party for my dad. We made peach cobbler and it was really good! The rest of the weekend went fast and the next thing we knew we were back in the car. It was a lot longer trip home because the traffic was awful. We were so glad to get out of the car! I stayed overnight and went home the next day it was a fun but very fast trip! I have more pictures of the temple but they are all on Lisa's phone so I will have to wait for her to email me. hint hint if you are reading Lee!
Do you ever see weird things when you are driving? I saw this giant pig when I was going up to Lisa's and had to take the picture!
Princess Ivy
heading down to jump in the hay at the barn
lighting the candles
blowing out the candles
fixing Ivy's hair in a ponytail
Brigham City Temple

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